Friday, April 6, 2012

Taking on the Maxi

I have been looking for a good maxi dress for quite some time. I feel like they are the ultimate hit or miss when it comes to fashion. They have the ability to make even the fittest of women look like they are wearing a tent. So I have embarked on what has felt like a two year search to find a flattering maxi dress with a pattern that is anything but polka dots. I then happened upon the perfect one today at a club couture online boutique. Normally I wouldn't risk online shopping for something that has a difficult fit, but I have ordered Sky Brand dresses before and absolutely love the fit so I went for it. 

I can't tell you how much I love this dress, and the pattern is so flattering. When picking a dress of this style you want it to be ruched in the top so that it doesn't fall flat over your figure. And another thing is when they are t-shirt material it will sit on your hips and every single flaw you may or may not have, this dress in particular has a layer of lace that helps it to be more flattering. Hope this somehow helps all of you that are having the same problem as me with finding clothes.

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